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How wonderful to find a shirt that takes fashion to another level, inspired by the finest military uniforms and available in stunning black or sophisticated khaki.

This slim fitting shirt is made with our stretch technology. Fine styling details include a shirt collar and a front button closure, with a high frequency print on the chest.

One of our key Athleisure pieces that will combine with anything from shorts to jeans or pants, you will love it!


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A capsule sportswear collection, which is made up of the following pieces: Sweat top, Sleeveless hoody, jogger and short. This unique collection has an infinite number of combinations, so chose your favourite look: Force Line.

We have given ourselves the mission to create a unique collection which will become the mainstay of your sports style. All of these pieces are part of a diverse universe which manages to match perfectly.

This line has been crafted with our stretch technology for great slim fitting pieces.

Check out the Force Line HERE

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We know that the jockstrap can be used to train in the gym, it offers support for your bulge and the fact of leaving your butt exposed adds extra comfort when training your legs and glutes. Now the question is
“will the jockstrap work for running” Let’s find out!

When running the body reaches a high and constant temperature during
an elongated period of time this is why we sweat so much. The jockstrap
will help to regulate our temperature by letting the sweat fulfill its function of cooling the body and not been absorbed by the fabric.

Your attributes will stay in place and not rebound as when wearing other underwear. The jockstrap will also avoid your bulge from rubbing against your legs which is uncomfortable and can become quite painful.

Your butt will stay firm as the extra wide elastic bands support your buttocks while you exercise.

Remember to choose a material with which you feel comfortable, preferably sports mesh, modal, cotton, elastane and / or polyester.

So now you know: the jockstrap is recommended for running needs.

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It’s back to living our future as the streets will always be ours! So be bold and live life to the fullest!

Our Athleisure Collection for SS21 transforms our unique and fashion forward thinking into must have summer pieces without losing comfort and freedom of movement.

Casual or Cargo Shorts that combine with any shirt, unique pieces such as our Short Jumpsuit and Stretch Overall. Such versatile pieces will definitely turn you into the fashion icon of the streets.

Take a look at our 2021 ATHLEISURE COLLECTION.

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Cardio exercise helps to accelerate our metabolism which in return helps us to burn calories. If we are to add a good diet to our routine our weight
loss will be sustained and thus very difficult to regain those extra pounds
that have been lost.

These are the various levels of intensity:

High impact cardiovascular exercise: This is done when both feet come off the floor at the same time at some point during the exercise, that is, running, dancing and jumping are some examples of exercises that we can consider as high impact.

Low-impact cardiovascular exercise: Is when at least one foot touches the floor at all times. Examples of these are; walking, working on elliptical machines and climbing machines. These types of exercises are a safer alternative for people who suffer from osteoporosis. It’s recommended to alternate training with low-impact exercises to reduce the risk of developing high-impact exercise injuries.

Cardiovascular exercise without impact: The most common are swimming and cycling, they are not beneficial for improving bone density and preventing osteoporosis, but they can be a safe alternative exercise for people recovering from an injury or with a foot problem. Non-impact cardiovascular is very beneficial for improving heart health, losing weight and reducing the risk of developing diseases.

To lose weight, the ideal is practicing a cardio routine 5 times a week, and complementing this with a balanced diet. Remember that the more consistent you are, the better results you will get in a shorter time; Just be careful not to over exercise your body more than necessary. Regularity is more important than quantity, so it’s better that you exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes, than 150 minutes in one day.

Ready to go jogging? Take a look at our SPORTSWEAR COLLECTION.

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A soft and firm touch, we know what you like. Our new collection of underwear comes form pastels to more powerful colors as steel blue with imposing cuts that range from brief to mini-briefs, going through trunks to our latest mini-boxer. All of this without forgetting our beloved jockstrap to cover all occasions!

We know you want it, so find a glimpse of our new collection.

Go ahead and fulfill your desires click HERE.

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MAY SPORT NEVER LACK! Being active should become a part of every man’s routine. All sports and physical activities are about feeling good and being healthy which maintain our body tuned and looking great!

For your workouts we have designed 2 different lines: IMPULSE & FORCE collection. The IMPULSE collection is made with a semi-bright quick dry fabric and consists of a sleeveless hoody, tanktop, short, mini-short and running short. The Force collection made with our stretch technology has sleeveless hoody, sweat top, jogger and short. These pieces will cover all your needs regardless of the physical activity you do.

This is a sample from our collection.

See more HERE.

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We’ve taken sexiness to another level, presenting our Shiny Mini Brief, a swimwear made of the finest quality fabric which has been produced in charcoal grey and navy blue.

Designed as a super low cut mini brief and so sexy it will blow everyone away. It also has a double functional zamack closure on both sides for maximum enjoyment.

Do you need anything else? WE HAVE IT! The Power Shape System to enhance the attractiveness of your masculine attributes.

Find the Shiny Mini Brief HERE.

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Yes, the heat has arrived and with it one of the most innovative swimwear pieces you will see and own in your life.

The NEW Open Glory Swim Brief is a square cut brief made with fabrics that surpass high quality.

It’s constructed of panels with openings that intersect on the sides to give that appearance of being able to see more without showing as much.

The intricate panels that criss-cross on the side gives the appearance of showing more without showing much.

Your junk will never look better, this swim brief has been made with our Power Shape System that lifts and enhances your masculine attributes.

Designed in stunning black for added elegance. You want it? YOU GOT IT! Look for it HERE.

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Summer is back and all outdoor enjoyment that comes with it. The hot weather will let you show that body that you’ve been hiding under layers of clothes due to the cold.

Yes, it’s time to show-off those muscles that you’ve built with such effort in the recent months, that’s why our swimwear collection was created to adorn your physique with the best designs and prints, as well as a couple of surprises that will be a must have in your wardrobe

We present the SHINY MINI BRIEF with a double functional zamack closure on both sides. You won’t find anything sexier than this!


This is the OPEN GLORY SWIM BRIEF panels with openings that criss-cross the sides to reveal a little more. Sophistication at its best!


This collection has a BASIC line for casual situations, colourful prints for those crazy parties and our minimalists pieces for seducing who ever has caught your eye!

See the entire SWIMWEAR COLLECTION here.

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