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Cardio exercises can improve the functioning of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. For those who seek to maintain their health in good condition, specialists recommend performing a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity at moderate intensity, preferably every day of the week.

Practicing this on a regular basis enable the muscles to store more carbohydrates than sedentary bodies, allowing them to better tolerate the demands after training.

We are under the impression that it only serves to lose weight or reduce fatigue, but cardio exercise is much more extensive. It helps hypertension, stress, and it does wonders for your mental health. These are some of the benefits which can be obtained.

Increase your energy level and your physical endurance.

Helps to burn off calories and speeds up our metabolism.

Decreases body fat by decreasing the Body Mass Index (BMI).

It helps control blood pressure as it improves blood circulation throughout our body.

Strengthens the immune system.

As the heart rate increases, the blood vessels dilate allowing a greater flow of white blood cells, the agents in charge of fighting viruses and infections.

Helps control “bad” cholesterol levels and increases “good” cholesterol.

It keeps sugar levels stable, thus helping to prevent types 2 diabetes.

Helps prevent some cardiovascular diseases by strengthening the heart and lungs.

Surely you have made the right decision and this makes us happy!

Now to start you just need the right look. Visit our Sportswear section HERE and have fun!

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Underwear is what first comes into contact with your body every morning,
so it’s very important to know the type of material you are using on your
skin and most of all on your junk.

Choosing your underwear just because you like what you see is a good start if your skin resists everything, but some men need to go further in their knowledge about the fabrics they are using.

Find out what CODE 22 underwear is made of and the characteristics that can help you select the one that suits your requirements:

Sports mesh
Lets the air move easily through the holes, if you live in a hot climate.
High breathability, if you’re a sweater.
Soft and fresh for a higher enjoyment.
Extra support you were it is most needed.
Reduces marks when wearing slim fitting pants.
Support those explosive movements while training.
Will let you sleep like a king.
Find it in Army Brief, Army Boxer, Army Jockstrap, Naval Brief, Naval Boxer, Naval Jockstrap.

Polyester quick dry
Ideal for gym and all sports.
Physical activities that require high impact.
If your a sweater this fabric has a high moisture wicking, so it dries
in half the time other underwears do.
If you vary a lot in weight, it does not lose its original shape.
Perfect for a soft but firm support.
Find it in Neo Gym Brief, Neo Gym Boxer, Neo Gym Jockstrap.

Perfect for hot climates as it does not retain heat.
Firm support where it counts.
If you are well endowed this fabric will adapt perfectly to your proportions.
Since it’s made from naturals fibers it’s ideal for sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin or cause allergies.
The best wear for your daily activities.

Find it in Essential Brief, Essential Boxer, Essential Jockstrap, Power Brief, Power Boxer,

Have you already chosen the best for you? Visit our underwear section HERE.

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Yes, style goes everywhere and we’re not just an underwear brand but represent a lifestyle. Growing our offer into accessories in-order to maximize your own personal style on a daily basis.

The 22 Cap is one of those must have pieces that you’ll definitely need to make room for, as it adds that little extra when walking or training.

A 3D embroidery technique has been used to interpret our signature number 22 on the front in a powerful, bright blue. Breathable mesh has been used on the back panels along with an adjustable strap for your comfort.

Yes, you love it, we know. Find it HERE.

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The basic care of underwear is very simple; however more than one guy has ruined his favourite brief by not knowing. This is why we’ve developed a simple guide so that your CODE 22 will be with you for a long time, maintaining its shape and color.

Taking care of your undies is a simple task, so just follow these steps;

  1. The first thing you should do is turn your used garments inside out,
    so when you wash them, the dirtiest parts will be exposed.

The water temperature should not exceed 30ºC.

Use a neutral detergent preferably, or one that takes care of delicate

Select a gentle wash cycle.

The water temperature also applies to rinsing.

You can spin them to reduce the water in the fabric before hanging them outdoors, even upside down, and in the shade.


DO NOT use a dryer or iron, the reason is the same as why not use hotter water than 30 ° C: the heat modifies the texture of the fabric, its appearance changes unfavorably and it loses the ability to return to its original shape. High temperatures can adversely affect color. Objects such as heaters and irons can leave marks of varying degrees of damage, from tanning or burning to wrinkles.

DO NOT use a dryer or iron, any temperature over 30ºC will modify the texture of the fabric, its appearance changes unfavourably while losing its ability to return to its original shape. High temperatures can adversely affect color. Objects such as heaters and irons can leave marks of varying degrees of damage. DO NOT use bleach, these products are abrasive and deteriorate the properties of the fabric, affecting its elasticity and modifying the colors.

Easy right? Give your CODE 22 underwear a longer life while adding a couple more boxers to your collection.

Visit our underwear section HERE.

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Underwear is not just a piece of clothing that you wear, it can become a great opportunity to maximize your attractiveness, making you feel more confident and improving your sexual performance.

Many of us choose underwear simply based on the fabric, color and style so, it becomes a daily routine but these pieces represent your essence, how you project yourself towards others during the day, not to mention the night or intimate moments.

Selecting underwear that not only takes into account the elements of the previous paragraph but also how you want to feel, is the key to this article. Who would you like to be today? The conservative and dominant in boxer shorts, the classic and daring in briefs or the intrepid and adventurous in jockstrap. You can be what you want and go further if you dare.

Imagine choosing our Army Jockstrap to train in the gym, feeling attractive, daring, sexual and powerful with the camouflage print. With each repetition of squats you will remember what you are wearing, you will project self-confidence and others will feel it.

Go to work with our Power Brief, feeling all eyes on your bulge that stand out thanks to the Power Shape technology which gives you that raised and round shape between your legs. You’ll have everybody looking at where it most matters.

Get intimate wearing our Essential Boxer, a determined and trusting man that knows what he wants and how he wants it. A boxer that fits your body and lets you see it without really showing it, you’ll feel like the king of the world.

You see, underwear is more than fabric and seams, it’s your essence. The most primitive of your emotions come from there, the source of your self-confidence

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CODE 22 has now become a lifestyle brand, evolving from underwear, swimwear and sportswear into Athleisure. Your dream has come true as you
will now be able to fill your wardrobe with our brand.

We’ve created a slim fit 5 POCKET PANT, which has been manufactured with our stretch technology. It features a low rise with a zip fly, side tape details that distinguish it from any similar piece with our iconic high frequency logo on the back pocket.

This is not like any other pant, our stretch sportswear fabric in a slim fit will highlight your body and attributes. This style will give you a sophisticated, casual look while remaining comfortable.

YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! Available in 3 colors.

Shop HERE.

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Boxer, brief or jockstrap … sometimes choosing underwear is not just a matter of taste but of comfort, especially if we take into account the size of the material you have between your legs and how it behaves during the day.

Yes, it is true that the shape of the body or the daily activity are important to choose your underwear, we have already mentioned it before, but this time we go a little further: to your genitals and your erections. Each style of underwear offers different support and it is up to you to select the correct one.

Boxer content: it is indicated if you have many involuntary erections and you want to let them show. Your penis will hardly come out of your underwear, making it easier to put it back in its place when everything is over. Of course, it does not hide the erection at all so be careful.

Brief under pressure: the wonderful thing about the brief is that it gathers everything and makes it look elegant. Perfect to wear with jeans, your pack will look great. Unlike the boxer, the brief usually pushes the erections down without allowing them to be so noticeable.

Controller Jockstrap: The king of packs, the jocktrap has absolute power and dominance over erections. Due to its design, you must put your penis down and when an erection appears, it will not show since the elastic bands will make pressure so that your bulge does not protrude. It also offers a very nice style to your crotch and will make you feel confident.

Which prefer?

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We have great news! We’ve launched our Power Shape collection with removable padding, for a rounder and fuller pouch shape, seeing is believing.

The Power Line includes two styles: brief and boxer made of the finest modal / cotton / elastane fabric and presented in black, grey and white with super soft elastic waistband with contrast side stripes.

The removable padding brings great style to your pack, giving your junk discretion by minimizing the lines that define it on clothing. It will look stylish and provocative.

Dare to wear! See the Power Line HERE.

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A new year begins and your promise to exercise and eat healthy to reach summer showing off muscles and a smaller waist. You have the best intentions but after a few weeks you put everything aside and go back to living as usual. Don’t worry, it is not your fault, not having the tools for your plan to be maintained over a time period. Below you will find a few tips on how teach yourself to start a healthier life.

What is your goal?
We know it’s easy to look at a male model and say ‘I want to look like him!’ What do you need to look like him? Lose weight, gain weight, increase muscle, define … Each goal has its process and some will need you to go through several procedures to achieve them. Pick a goal and focus on it.

Always with professionals
Consult with certified personal trainers and nutritionist to design a plan focused on your goal. They will not only study your current state but also your history to give you the best plan.

Buy suitable clothing for your training
Comfort is important, as well as looking good will reflect your mood when training. Check out our SPORTSWEAR section, we have a great variety for you, add good UNDERWEAR. If you are thinking of including swimming in your activities then take a look at our SWIMWEAR. Oh, and don’t forget ACCESSORIES like a cap, mask, and socks.

Don’t overdo it
Nothing in excess is good, this includes diet and exercise. Remember this is not just for your appearance but also for your health. Stick to the plan that the professionals have designed for you.

Little big changes
Sleep early at night, drink lots of water, take the stairs instead of the elevator, keep your abdomen tight during the day. These are just some tips that you can apply to your day, they will be of great help!

The models you see in advertisements make great sacrifices to look like this, but they have something fundamental: GENETICS. Their bodies are pre-programmed to develop, their bony structures broad at the shoulders and small at the hips. This is something you are born with and we cannot change it. But you can achieve great results based on the reality of your genetics.

The models you see in advertisements make great sacrifices to look like this, but they have something fundamental: GENETICS. This is something they are born with but you can achieve great results based on your own genetics because each body has strong and weak points.

Don’t be discouraged, there is a better version of you waiting to be shown.

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