There are underwear that represents the bases of any outfit. The one that allows you to wear it without much thought, making your days much lighter.

We have designed our Essential Line to represent the feeling that everything will work out because you bring comfort from the inside.

Three cuts are at the core of this line because boxers, briefs and jockstraps cover all tastes. While they are available in three solid colors: white, black and gray.

The entire line is made of a high quality modal/cotton/elastane fabric. The elastic at the waist is unbeatable soft and has our logo on the back, with extra wide straps for better support.

What is your style?




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The Stretch Overalls has become our flagship piece this year. With an avant-garde design, its slim fitting cut and the material with stretch technology is already part of the men’s wardrobe.

That is why we will give you different options to combine it and thus adapt it to a wide variety of events.


  • CORE T-SHIRT: For cool weather. This style is a hit for a walk in the mall. Covers a lot of your torso and keeps you warm.


  • MESH T-SHIRT: You will attract a lot of attention at night parties. The mesh will keep you dry and will show your body a bit.


  • 22 T-SHIRT: A Sunday with the family has never been so stylish. The T-Shirt covers enough to make you feel comfortable even though its semi-tight cut will allow you to see your muscles. Definitely laid back.



  • MESH TANKTOP: Use this combination for a daytime pool. Again the mesh will keep you cool. This tanktop will cover your chest so you don’t feel so exposed.


  • 22 TANKTOP: For a picnic with friends. A relaxed style, to lie down on the grass and enjoy the weather. This tanktop is very soft. The C22 print gives a subtle sporty touch.



  • HARNESS: Taking sexy to another level, the harness will highlight the muscles of your shoulders and chest, making you look bigger.

  • Of course you can use it without anything else. When the heat is pressing and you want to keep your style. Show those muscles that you have worked so hard to achieve.

  • A very interesting variation that you can apply is to drop the straps and hold it only by your waist. It will show your T-Shirt, tanktop, harness or your torso.

There they are! 3 looks with your Stretch Overall.

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Whether you go to the gym, train, attend yoga, or practise any outdoor activity, shorts will be a part of the ideal yet practical look for exercising. Shorts are an essential element in your wardrobe. Although they have many uses, today we will talk about the benefits of using them and which shape is best depending on the activity.

If you’re a runner on any level, shorts will make you feel more comfortable and lighter, with greater freedom of movement. If your goal is to show off your legs, this is then the definite garment for you. It’s possible that wearing less fabric will reduce that feeling of restriction.

Shorts are great allies in the gym, they never stick to the exercise machine. They also avoid you from sweating excessively thus being cooler. Now you need to take into account the type of exercise you are planning; the faster your activity is the shorter the short should be. For running, it is best to avoid longer shorts because of the excess fabric between your legs. Below you will find 3 options for your workouts:

THRUST SHORT: It’s slim fitting and manufactured with stretch technology. Ideal for jogging. The white pinhole panels will keep you cool and the back zip pocket works so you don’t lose personal items like your keys.

ACTIVE SHORT: It ‘s slim fitting for greater mobility and made of quick dry fabric to minimize sweating, perfect for training the upper body in the gym since its deep pockets serve to carry your cell phone.

MINI-SHORT: It’s slim fitting and made of quick dry fabric. Its super short design allows you the greatest range of movement you can achieve, perfect for training legs in the gym and doing those quite demanding deep squats. It has a button on the side and when opened it will allows those high kicks when doing kickboxing or stimulate your flexibility in yoga.

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We know that you’re a practical and active man, one who seeks to maximize time throughout the day. This is why we have come up with 3 essential pieces
called “The Stretch Line”

Tops and bottoms that combine and fit perfectly, not only between them but also adding versatility to your wardrobe.

The essence of a collection elaborated in stretch black fabric with a slim fit, a solution without mistake to reduce the time you spend choosing your clothes every morning.

This line is not only used for physical activity but represents a simple and elegant way to dress. Combining with T-Shirts results in an updated street look without neglecting comfort.

Take a look at these products, we know you will love them.




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The only thing you need from your clothes when training is to feel good, that has been our premise to design the Active Series: 3 basic pieces in bold colors. Made of quick dry fabric.

The Active Short reaches the middle of the quadriceps, which offers you an important capacity of movement for your activities. It has 2 deep side pockets and a classic one in the back. With a wide waist for comfort and extra support during all activities and our iconic high frequency logo. Presented in royal blue, lime and red.


We offer 2 options for the top part: first the Active Sleeveless Hoody, with a bold color contrast side panel, zip opening and our iconic high frequency logo. Ideal for outdoors where you must protect your head from the environment.


The last piece in this series is the Active Tanktop with a regular cut that allows you freedom of movement and freshness. The color palette matches perfectly with the Active Sleeveless Hoody, so you can wear one outdoors and the other indoors without losing your style. Both of these pieces look sensational with the Active Short.


We not only offer you comfort but also style!

Add the Active Series to your wardrobe and enjoy physical activity.

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Be smart and take care! This world has changed for all of us. The mask has become an essential accessory for daily use to protect our health, so we designed a mask to protect you while making it a part of your outfit.

The 3 ply C22 social mask is made with the finest printed polyester fabric on the outside and 2 layers on the inside of 100% organic cotton.

A very important detail is the fact that our inner fabric has been certified UNE0065-2020, which can offer you the peace of mind while wearing something that not only looks good but also does its job.

The mask can be washed up to 25 times at 60º without losing its protective properties.

7 designs available.

Which do you choose?

Check out our designs HERE.

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T-Shirt or Tanktop? Regardless of which is your choice – both styles are available in our collection, making them essential pieces in your casual outfit.

Now, imagine that they are made of mesh. Well, you no longer have to imagine it. Presenting the new Mesh T-Shirt and Mesh Tanktop.

Made of sport mesh from nylon / elastane. A wide band across chest with side panels and a high frequency printed logo. You know, so you’re not so exposed.

Available in black and white.

Always fresh!

Look for them HERE.

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Are you the best in creating outfits? Time to prove it!

We’ve opened this space to highlight all those men who are serious about choosing the clothes they wear.

Those that stand out with their Look C22 will be published here.

This is simple:
– Create an outfit with your CODE 22.
– Post your photo on Instagram.
– Tag us on your photo.

Ready? LET’S GO!

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3 pieces for a complete gym wardrobe.

The Thrust series has arrived to make your life easier when choosing your gym outfit. These 3 pieces complement each other, maintaining your style while taking comfort to another level.

Starting with the Thrust semi-fitted sleeveless hoody, made with stretch technology. It has a full front open zipper and a small zip pocket on the kangaroo pocket.


The Thrust Jogger is a slim fitting piece made with stretch technology. It has a back zip pocket and 2 front pockets.


The Thrust slim fitted short made with stretch technology, will hug your backside like no other short. This must have item features a back zip pocket
and 2 front pockets.


What else can this series offer you?
All 3 pieces have white pinhole panels with our iconic logo on one side. They are available in blue and khaki, which will definitely match any other piece you might have in your wardrobe. These unique pieces adjust to your body while highlighting your figure and allowing the necessary movement for your activities in the gym or outdoors.

Admit it, looking good during your sports activities has never been easier.

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The original jockstrap concept had only the best of intentions; they were designed for bike messengers to keep their private parts in place.

The jockstrap is an underwear style very similar to the brief in the front part, the back side lacks fabric that covers your buttocks and instead has two elastic bands that go from the sides and join at the lowest part of the pouch.

This type of underwear is directly associated with men who practice sports with a lot of movement, since its main function is to keep your junk inside the pouch to avoid excessive rebound during sports and thus minimizing injuries.

Jockstraps can serve as everyday underwear. Its structure and fabric are a synonym of comfort, as well as being extremely light and fresh.

The jockstrap can be used to train in the gym, it offers support for your junk and the fact of leaving your butt exposed will be very comfortable when training your legs and glutes.

Here are 5 key points to wear jockstraps:

Support. Your junk will be where it should be, there is no escape. Ideal if you hate accommodating your manhood all the time or suffer from pain in the testicles from movement.

Comfort. Put them on and forget about everything. At first you may believe that you will remember that you are wearing them but no. They adapt to your body and go unnoticed long in the day.

Freshness. There is nothing worse than a sweaty rear. With the jockstrap you have all the breathing space you need. The Quick Dry ones will
keep you well ventilated all through your workout.
Cost. With less fabric comes a lower cost product, so your next pair of jockstraps will definitely be cheaper.

Sex appeal. Solid colors, striped, mesh, what do you prefer? There are a variety of options to answer what makes you feel sexy. The next time you get caught wearing one of these, you’re sure to get more than compliments and increased enthusiasm.

Full freedom is what awaits you with the jockstrap, a progress that not any other type of underwear can offer you, add a pair to your wardrobe and enjoy its benefits.

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