August 19, 2021


by michel messarra in Uncategorized

Yoga is a practice that connects the body and mind. This practice uses physical poses, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga was developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. Today most people in the West practice yoga as an exercise to reduce stress.


Breathing: Focusing on your breathing is an important part of yoga. Your teacher can offer instructions on breathing exercises during class.

Poses: Yoga poses, or positions, are a series of movements that help increase strength, flexibility, and balance. These range in difficulty from lying on your back to complicated balancing poses.

Meditation: Yoga classes usually end with a short period of meditation. This calms your mind and helps you relax.


One of the first positive changes that you notice when you start practicing yoga is the increase in flexibility which is an import part of avoiding injuries. If we don’t practice any type of exercise our body will likely be stiffer and you will notice this right away when starting, but consistency in these poses are the best ally for increasing flexibility. It’s also important to gradually increase the time in which the asanas are held.

As flexibility increases, many of the muscle aches caused by tension and poor posture will disappear.

Strengthening muscles and bones while defining muscles not only improves physical appearance, it also protects bones, prevents injuries and prevents diseases such as arthritis. Yoga helps build muscle strength, but unlike bodybuilding in gyms, it prevents lactic acid from building up in the body, causing fatigue and pain, and does not reduce flexibility, which is so important to yoga practice. As for the bones, it is proven that yoga helps to strengthen them and stop the loss of bone mass. In addition, it is essential to prevent injuries and fractures, especially in people with osteoporosis. Yoga will improve your posture; In addition, it affects the health of our spine, by obtaining the necessary nutrients from the discs that separate the vertebrae.


Definitely all men want to have an athletic body. Yoga will not lead you to body building muscles, however, as the whole body is worked, your muscles will not only look defined, but you will also gain strength and agility to perform work at home or sports routines with greater fluidity.


You’ll be more focused on your work which will lead to greater success. Whatever activity you do, you will do it with greater awareness giving better results, this is just the beginning of the benefits that practicing yoga gives you. Each pose that we are not able to achieve because we believe we have poor balance or little flexibility will be an opportunity to overcome our insecurities. We will go through different emotions such as frustration or uncertainty, leaving aside all those emotions that sometimes we have been carrying for no reason, every day we work with the mind and the body, leaving us well trained for the most complicated situations.


Yoga has been linked to lowering blood pressure, preventing muscle and degenerative injuries, improving digestion, and much more. Breathing is the basis of the practice and when done deeply it reduces the levels of stress, tension and pain, there are thousands of benefits that I can tell you as immediate, even more if you practice for a long time. Remember that health is a responsibility not only personal but also social, together we can build a kinder, healthier and compassionate world.


Yoga is as kind as it is humble, you only need 2 things: an anti-slip mat and comfortable clothes.

If you do it in the privacy of your home, you could use your favourite underwear, although we can recommend JOCKSTRAP for the range of movement it offers. You could use your BRIEF or BOXER according to your tastes and preferences.

If you are in a gym or specialized place you can wear a SHORT or also a JOGGER together with a TANKTOP. This combination will give you the comfort you need to achieve the positions and enjoy the session.

Yoga is all benefits, so start including it as part of your lifestyle.