June 23, 2021


by michel messarra in Uncategorized

We know that the jockstrap can be used to train in the gym, it offers support for your bulge and the fact of leaving your butt exposed adds extra comfort when training your legs and glutes. Now the question is
“will the jockstrap work for running” Let’s find out!

When running the body reaches a high and constant temperature during
an elongated period of time this is why we sweat so much. The jockstrap
will help to regulate our temperature by letting the sweat fulfill its function of cooling the body and not been absorbed by the fabric.

Your attributes will stay in place and not rebound as when wearing other underwear. The jockstrap will also avoid your bulge from rubbing against your legs which is uncomfortable and can become quite painful.

Your butt will stay firm as the extra wide elastic bands support your buttocks while you exercise.

Remember to choose a material with which you feel comfortable, preferably sports mesh, modal, cotton, elastane and / or polyester.

So now you know: the jockstrap is recommended for running needs.