November 4, 2020


by michel messarra in Uncategorized

Whether you go to the gym, train, attend yoga, or practise any outdoor activity, shorts will be a part of the ideal yet practical look for exercising. Shorts are an essential element in your wardrobe. Although they have many uses, today we will talk about the benefits of using them and which shape is best depending on the activity.

If you’re a runner on any level, shorts will make you feel more comfortable and lighter, with greater freedom of movement. If your goal is to show off your legs, this is then the definite garment for you. It’s possible that wearing less fabric will reduce that feeling of restriction.

Shorts are great allies in the gym, they never stick to the exercise machine. They also avoid you from sweating excessively thus being cooler. Now you need to take into account the type of exercise you are planning; the faster your activity is the shorter the short should be. For running, it is best to avoid longer shorts because of the excess fabric between your legs. Below you will find 3 options for your workouts:

THRUST SHORT: It’s slim fitting and manufactured with stretch technology. Ideal for jogging. The white pinhole panels will keep you cool and the back zip pocket works so you don’t lose personal items like your keys.

ACTIVE SHORT: It ‘s slim fitting for greater mobility and made of quick dry fabric to minimize sweating, perfect for training the upper body in the gym since its deep pockets serve to carry your cell phone.

MINI-SHORT: It’s slim fitting and made of quick dry fabric. Its super short design allows you the greatest range of movement you can achieve, perfect for training legs in the gym and doing those quite demanding deep squats. It has a button on the side and when opened it will allows those high kicks when doing kickboxing or stimulate your flexibility in yoga.