July 8, 2020


by michel messarra in News

We went to the pool with Isaac Moreno to have a good time while Joan Crisol captured every magnificent moment.

The most awaited time for sun lovers has arrived. So, we decided to undress Isaac Moreno and got him into our new swimsuit collection.

Always finding your style or what you want to display, there is the brief, the boxer and the shorts so you can find the one that best suits your silhouette and shape.

The brief and boxer cuts are designed with our patented Power Shape system that helps enhance your masculine attributes, while the short style includes our Curl-Up technology that allows you to adopt 2 positions on the thigh, relaxed or rolled-up and our anatomical lining for a perfect fit.

The blue color dominates the palette without neglecting classics such as black and white, but we also include pink and coral “because men can wear any color”, interesting prints ranging from flowers, stripes and even graphics to give variety to your summer wardrobe while the metallic finishing in black, blue and khaki add the avant-garde to your style.

The expert eye of Joan Crisol does not disappoint and gives us the most impressive images that will add more heat to your summer.

Find our new collection of swimsuits HERE.